Get Familiar with PUBG Maps for Being the Last Survivor

Every child and adult gamer is into PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, which is popularly known as PUBG. The objective of this game is simple, to be the last standing person. However, to achieve this objective, an individual requires using some careful strategy along with Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP hack.

However, one of the main elements of this game is to understand its primary concept like moving without getting noticed, where other players are standing, etc. for ensuring survival. To perform all this one would require getting familiar with maps as it plays a crucial role.

All about PUBG Map

With enemies everywhere trying to kill a player, it is hard moving throughout the location without attracting any attention. To do this, one would require knowing maps thoroughly and using PUBG ESP hack. So, check every detail about the maps that you should know.

Three locations exist; Erangel, Miramar, and Savage. However, Savage is still unreleased. Other two locations’ maps have the same symbols in version 0.8 that one should be aware of such as red marked area refers to high and yellow means medium loot percentage. Military loot is marked with helmet signs on different areas. Similarly, for boat, car, or garage one can look for a boat, vehicle or garage symbols on maps.

One of the essential aspects of this game is shrinking of battle arena. So, when the blue circle appears, a player needs to be away from its dimension to avoid damages. Also, remember to avoid bombs dropping from planes by staying away from the red marked bombing areas.

Moving silently to avoid detection

This is helpful as one continuously consults the map along with using Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP hack. ESP cheat shows the names of the players as well as their locations on the map. Being familiar with a map and using ESP hack can make a gamer invincible.

  • A player is not always in a position to fire and bring significant damage to his/her enemy. So, with the assistance of map and the hack, one can track various individuals and eliminate the gamer at the right time without making others aware of it. Moreover, a properly placed grenade will kill any enemy, one track without the player being near the enemy. Hence, for such perks, one needs to have proper knowledge and understanding of map.
  • Hiding becomes easy when one is quite familiar with the locations in the battle arena. It offers one the opportunity to hide any time a danger is near him.

Avoiding high traffic locations and checkpoints

Few areas of the map always consist of high traffic and one should avoid it. So, knowing these areas beforehand is vital. However, PUBG ESP hack shows all the players that are there for finding some reward. Hence, wait for a bit and check whether getting possible rewards is worth the risk. Some of these places include building structures, military bases, towns, etc.

So, it is important to have proper knowledge about the map along with Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP hack. It is the safest way to stay alive until the end for receiving the victory prize. Check out for more info!